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Default [ROM][YACR] CM 7.1-Reppard

Okay, I am going to attempt to have a nice, organized rom posting like the other devs on this site...

Developer: Blarf

Builder: reppard
Version: CM7.1-RC1-MS690-Reppard (09-03-2011)

Thank you too the following:
Blarf for getting this thing rolling. He is the master mind behind IHO so seek him out. Donate to him. And hopefully learn something! - I learned a lot by building this thing from source as opposed to my last effort at Cmod which was mostly just hacking a port.
Joneidy & Somedood81- Both of which sacrificed computers for this build!
BobZhome – for the from his build and his help with the scaling frequencies on the new kernel.
PlayfulGod - for help with the kernel.

* Forked and synced up with PG's android thunderc kernel repo.
* Added smartassv2 and tweaked the config.
* Thank you to Playfulgod as this fixes any and all graphical issues.

* Added new drivers provided by Bobz to the kernel
* This fixes Screen Animations
* A2sd support added
* Wipe cache/Dalvik-cache and flash

Don't freak out if you get a black screen for a moment, the drivers have a funky effect on the red LG logo. I will revert the drivers back and try out PG's fix on the next build. Thank you to Bobz and PlayfulGod.


* Updated r.O.C.K kernel to v1.0 - This includes a new governor "smartassV2" by Erasmux. Seek him on github. Ported and tweaked by yours truly.
* Removed FM app per BobZ's suggestion as our phone does not have the hardware to use it.
* Removed languages other than engrish.
* Recoded my CMParts hack as it is not needed any longer.
* Minor cosmetic changes in menus.

    • Fixed MMS - works from a fresh flash, no patch required
    • Added r.O.C.K - v0.3 kernel
    • Fixed CPU settings in the Cyanogen Settings > Performance screen
    • Banner fixed – no more “Roaming Indicator Off”, now says “Cyanogen v7.1”(if you wanted it to say MetroPCS or frequently forget what carrier you are on, Metro has taken the liberty of plastering their logo right under the ear piece.)
    • Disabled the screen animations as default setting

Thanks again blarf!

CM7.1-reppard 9-20-2011
MD5sum: e2565c7b87e804171821ac5db990d6df

feel like donating? be my guest DONATE
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