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Originally Posted by Zoandroid View Post
Thanks for mentioning the slow launcher startup being due to apps on the SD. Mine does that, and I had not known the reason. But it does make sense now that you mention it. I use ADW. The apps that are running internally will have their icons immediately show, while the ones on the SD will show the generic green app icons until they get sorted out.

I don't use pandora, and only rarely use Youtube. Also not much into social networking. So I probably could lose some of the apps it has. I just had not bothered to sort through them, since allowing apps on the SD has given me virtually "as many apps as I want". The whole reason I rooted and ROMed was because the Ally doesn't have enough memory to even install what I consider to be a "reasonable" number of apps. I use the Ally a LOT. Mostly as a portable PC. It sees very little use as a telephone. So I like having access to the web and whatever apps I need to do the chores at hand.

Thanks for the suggestions. If having created more internal free memory doesn't help, I'll start looking to weed out the non-essential-to-me apps.

Not a problem, hope I've helped.
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