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Originally Posted by Watchinufrap View Post
HTC can help improve customer relations by not building irredeemable shyt to begin with!
I don't think this HTC critique is accurate. The HTC wildfire is an entry level model. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has ever owned an iPhone for example because I know that it just wouldn't be for them. This phone is for people that probably didn't have an smartphone before and didn't have that much money to spend on one: like me (and probably most Wildfire users).

For example, now I know that it probably makes sense to have a smartphone with a phisical keyboard (I hear that Samsung is about to release some good smartphone with physical keyboard options). I haven't factured in all the pros and cons of one against the other but I will definitely do before my next smartphone.

That being said, here are my real beefs against HTC. Their media sucks, I thought it sucked because the HTC wildfire is their "newbie" phone but apparently the Desire users have the same Music application that I have, and it's as slow as mine is which is a problem in all their media apps including the Gallery, it's like their media apps fetch the data store every time you click something instead of just "fetching" it once which it results in a noticeably slow response but fine, there are other media apps which is the beauty of android (PlayerPro being the mest media player app out there!! Kudos to the devs! Worth every cent).

Something that sucks: the phone "hangs" and restart itself (or you have to restart it) periodically (on a weekly basis most of the time for me) which I think it's an Android OS fault since I have a friend with a Droid that also has this problem. This is why I really know that android isn't a better OS than iOS.

And contrary to OP I think that the browser is one of the best feature of the wildfire. Is fast and it really just works. Browsing the web on it is great, not difficult to read or browse almost any page.

No reviews ever mentioned this (and I did read most reviews out, I even used google news to find the newest ones) and given that the pros are more than the cons I can live with this, specially given the phone that I used to own was a SE w200 but now I know a lot about Android, smartphones in general and I will surely reap the benefit of this on my next smartphone purchase. I will probably go with Samsung next time, they just don't seem to suck that much and HTC Sense seems slow in general.
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