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Originally Posted by koppie View Post
The problem is NAT filtering. FTP uses one port for logging in and sending commands, but it uses other (mostly random) ports for the actual file transfer. You may want to try switching between active and passive transfers to see if that helps; passive transfers are more likely to get through a NAT firewall (theoretically). The truth is, your carrier is probably to blame here. I'm guessing you're not paying for tethering so you won't get any support from them. I just hit the same problem and it's a shame because it means I can't do web design using my tether.

Further reading:

(I'm new here so they won't let me post links yet)
this tells me what i expected, somewhat. thanks - the wild thing is, i went for days and even weeks with no problems - i'm a developer, too, and for quite a while was able to transfer via FTP at will. It was right after PDANet upgraded to 3.02, and i'd assumed that that had fixed it.

Then it started again, and this time it's down for the count.

But you're saying it basically picks a random port to upload and download thru, so perhaps if i keep rebooting - which, my phone or my pc...? - i might find it back in good shape?

i use passive ftp by default, and yes, i've played around with that, too.

I'm betting then that i just need to get it to find a good port? does that make sense? can i do that with a good firewall, maybe? i use Avast IS, which is REALLY customizable in this area...
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