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Originally Posted by Dotuletz2 View Post
Downgrade to HTC Froyo WWE for AlphaRevX (HBOOT 1.01.0001)
You can't s-off HBOOT 1.01.0002 !
Therefore, downgrading the HBOOT to 1.01.0001 is must for the meantime, to get an efficient S-OFF.
So, here’s a small package to help you do this.
click here.

Extract this package somewhere you can find it, like your “Desktop” for example.

Step 1: run step1.bat from the package. This will downgrade your MISC partition to allow for the RUU downgrade.

At the end, GoldCardTool will start up, to allow you to create a goldcard which you will need before starting Step 2.

How to deal with Gold-Card Tool:
1. Connect your phone to the computer as "Disk Drive"
2. Back up your SD Card (copy all the files to a safe/rememberable place
3. Open "My Computer".
4. You should see your a disk drive image, representing your Wildfire (if you open it you should see your SD card contents) Right-click on it and select format
5. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your phone in Menu > Settings > Applications > Development.
6. [On your Wildfire], pull down your notifications tab, tap "Disk Drive", a pop-up should appear with Charge Mode, Disk Drive, HTC Sync, USB Tethering. TAP ON CHARGE MODE
7. Launch Gold-Card Tool on your computer and click ‘GetCID’.
8. Copy the CID code from the text box and click the link shown below that text box to open it in your browser window.
9. In the browser window, enter all the details required and submit that form.
10. You should now get an email from PSAS in a few minutes. Open it and download the ‘GoldCard.img’ attachment.
11. Now set your phone’s USB mode to Disk drive.
12. In Gold-Card Tool, click ‘Refresh’.
13. Select your mounted SD card from the drop-down menu saying “HTC MMC:”
14. Click ‘Load Goldcard.img’ and select the file downloaded in Step 10.
15. Click ‘Patch MMC’ and your Gold Card will be created. You may exit Gold Card Tool once done.

After you've made the goldcard, and patched it, continue with step 2.

Step 2: run step2.bat from the package. This will downgrade your ROM version to HTC WWE Froyo for Wildfire (unbranded).
If you get a Customer ID error while doing this, your goldcard is not working!
Create a new goldcard and re-run step2.
The above steps is how to downgrade your HBoot to 1.01.0001 (only do this if you have HBoot 1.01.0002)
To find out your HBoot version: On your Wildfire follow these steps
[Turn of your phone]>Hold volume/power button at the same time

Originally Posted by MrTonyy View Post
Hey dude hows it going, im trying to root my wildfire and am having trouble. Is the top section supposed to downgrade the hboot or is it for something else. I cant seem to downgrade my hboot. Any ideas?
Read my comment for the quote above
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