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All of the "isms" being talked about as solutions to issues here in the U.S. have something in common that makes me uneasy: an abandonment of the principles that the country was founded upon.

And that is of course what's been happening here in both major political parties, as well.

The isms, libertarianism, socialism etc would be seen by the Founding Fathers as rather strange ravings, I'm nearly certain. They wanted the people here to keep watch on things and then to move against any form of "solution" to social/economic issues that sought to make us all think alike, behave alike, worship alike and talk alike. It was about diversity and freedom, at its ideal core.

When hording occurs on a mass scale (think billionaires, not millionaires, but billionaires, that's thousands of millions in the hands of one person), the masses at large gradually end up with very little of the resources of the country. That is what has happened in the United States on a scale that would have frightened the Founding Fathers deeply. They would likely have recommended revolution along the lines of the stipulations that have been used to break up monopolies; a very difficult proposition when the lawmakers are those doing the hording of resources.

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