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Originally Posted by chrisinsocalif View Post
It is in a decline at the moment but optimistic it will pick up again in a few years. It's not like America isn't making any money and has no chance of rebounding. People got careless and now we are paying for it. Apparently people forgot about the Depression and deregulat policies that prevented such disasters only to have it happen again. Hopefully to learn our lesson for this century or longer if possible.
If we elect a strong conservative president and if that president is able to get smart and sensible things through the Washington gauntlet and passed into law, things will improve. We have suffered problems in the past and we always persevere and improve.

Many of the things our current president and congress wants to do and has done, are not constitutional. This should be of great concern to everyone. This needs to stop and hopefully, in a year or so, we will elect someone that does his job.

Unfortunately, our leaders have forgotten that we are a country governed by the will of the people as well as the Constitution. Unfortunately, many people do not seem to remember that the politicians we elect can be replaced.

The political animal knows he or she can BS and finesse us to vote for them and somehow, they forget their promises and it often becomes more of the sale old same old. When "We the people" decide to hold elected officials to their word and we promptly vote the bad ones out of office or recall them in some cases, they quickly learn because they want to keep their job.

And lest we forget, when we end up with a liberal Supreme Court, many of our freedoms are in trouble. They cannot be fired, after all, so the damage is very real.
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