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Originally Posted by Isthmus View Post
In all fairness, the way most americans have chosen to live during the past 60 odd years has largely been wasteful and unsustainable. A country where everyone has a few cars, lives in a large suburban house, and spends more than it makes eventually faces the reality of it's choices. I don't know that the US is falling apart. IMHO what is happening is more economic reality is forcing us to reevaluate our choices and make decisions that should have been made long ago. I strongly believe that in my lifetime and that of my children, you will see an re-urbanization of America and an expansion of infrastructure services in more compact and limited areas, while at the same time seeing a drop in rural and suburban populations as the costs of living that life style continue to increase.

So long as the most crucial worldwide resources remain limited and demand for them continues to grow, at some point basic economics will force us to adopt new ways of doing things.
OK, so do you favor laws that say one car per family, homes limited to 2,000/sq.ft, no credit cards or charge accounts, and so forth?

If not, then I am free to own several cars, a 22,500 square foot house and ten CC accounts. If that is something you believe to be wrong, then you must have a law to prevent it and any such law is un-American. See where I am going?
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