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There are a couple of major problems that would solve a lot of issues:

1. Rewarding criminals instead of punishing them. In america we are rewarding illegal immigrants with free housing, food, medical, and education. That is costing us billions to reward these criminals for breaking the law.

2. Over regulation. The government (federal, state, and local) continue coming up with regulations that are preventing economic growth. The government needs to back off and let the economy correct itself.

3. Another regulation issue that hurts the country and pisses me off personally - online poker. The US is knowing violating several international trade laws by not allowing citizens to play poker online. Because of this we are paying millions in fines every year to a few different countries and have been doing so for a few years now. So the government is basically choosing to pay millions in fines to other countries to limit our freedoms instead of regulating and taxing a site that could be based here in America.
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