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Originally Posted by Sue7M3 View Post
Theodore Roosevelt and Eisenhower were Republicans and pretty good presidents. I'm not a Republican myself but I don't think they all suck.
Thank you, but I disagree.

Theodore Roosevelt was an example of the republican party? Then I need to change parties. His very first act as president was a 20,000 word speech asking congress to limit and destroy the rights of large corporations.

In 1902, he interceded into a union strike, forcing the company to pay the union works more money for less hours worked.

In 1906, he passed the meat inspection act and the pure food and drug act, which create the current FDA.

He also started the first environmental movement, setting of the way for national parks and the dreaded EPA.

He elected oliver holmes to the supreme court. Which is one of the more librial judges, and I qoute "we should be eternally vigilant against attempts to check the expression of opinions that we loathe and believe to be fraught with death." When would a republican say that?

He also elected William Moody, that was, for all purposes, against strong state rights.

As for Eisenhower, he more or less created modern social security and medicare. And google Military Industrial Complex.
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