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Originally Posted by K4KAI View Post
No, you didn't answer any of my questions. The only email I received from you was the one asking me if I was still interested.

I carefully worded my comments to not infer that you were not honest. I thought you were "stringing" me (and perhaps others) along, for some reason. In essence, at least two of us were willing to give you your asking price, so, without further communications from you, seemed as if you were waiting for:
1. something other than what you originally asked
2. a trade
3. someone closer to get cash instead of a PayPal transaction (which I specified in my original email to you) or whatever???
4. multiple buyers, to get their money and deal with their efforts to recover it when they find our they have been swindled.

Any of these scenarios are possible, three of them are reasonable.

Perhaps your intentions were honorable, my opinion, your lack of communications with at least two of us "ready and willing" buyers, was unethical. When I didn't hear from you after more than 12 hours after I offered to buy your DX, I lost any confidence that I may have had with regards to your sincerity and honesty.

I hope whoever gets your DX is happy with it.
It is strange the manner in which this sale has been progressing over the past week, I am thankful that I dropped out of this foray.
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