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Originally Posted by keale18 View Post
If your premise in point 1 is that they are breaking the law and therefore criminals then should we send federal troops to secure the highways and streets from the people that are speeding, texting and drunk driving? Personally I think we should charge these people a few thousand dollars for legal entry since many will pay a coyote to bring them in we could use that money to alleviate the problem.

Point 2 is what i hear from tea partiers more and more and im not sure these people even know what they are talking about since they cant articulate it any more than regulations suck and the government needs to get out of the way. Many regulations are there for a damn good reason like safety or health.

I agree on point 3 no real reason it should be illegal
Wrong. When gambling goes mainstream, it creates problems. People that cannot afford it will play and get into trouble. People cannot control their urges and if legal, people will decide they can beat the house.

Bad idea, I say.
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