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Originally Posted by sx4dude2013 View Post
My local corporate store visit went like this:
Me - Hey, just wondering about how many Bionics you will have on Thursday?
Him - Droid Bionics?
Me- Yes, I want to make sure I get one!
Him - We havent opened the package but we did recieve a few large boxes?
Me - So I should be able to get one if im here when yall open on thursday?
Him - Im not sure about Thursday...
Me- Your site says thurs, the relsease date is Thurs...
Him - Yea, i didnt know if it was public yet, didnt want to relsease any info if i wasnt supposed to. (he chuckles)
Me - Sounds good, ill see you Thursday morning..
Him - See ya then, thanks for coming in.

He tried to be scretive! haha

I went into my local verizon tonight too to make sure I had an upgrade available. After looking around for a bit I saw the manager and an this is how mine went.

Me - So are you going to have the Bionic on Thurs?
Him - (looks around) yes we will have them thurs.
Me - How many do you think you will have in stock? I won't be able to come in till around 4pm and I want to make sure I can get one!
Him - We have 50. I don't think we will sell out and you should be able to get one. Not many people know about its mainly just the techie people. Your the first person to ask about it all day.
Me - Do you have a demo unit in the store?
Him - No.
Me - Will you have all the accessories in stock on Thursday?
Him - Yes we already have them. Do you want to see to Lapdock?
Me - sure!
Him - Here you go. You can take it out of the box if you want to check it out. (looks around again) hold on I'll be right back.
Then he came back with the Bionic!
Him - We just got it in today. You can play with it if you want to.
After drooling all over it I told him see you Thursday!
I can't wait! It's so much nicer in person. The screen is awesome, it's fast, and its really lite! Just wanted to share!
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