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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
Reagan comes close..
So we need a republican president that will spend billions of dollars, creating a economic nightmare, destroying the finical sector with miss management, and a un-win-able war. We had that in Bush Jr.

Regan spent billions and billions of dollars and created billion and billions of new debt, that we are still paying off. He created the worst economic nightmare from his time to the great depression. Regan over saw the worst percentage drop in dow jones history, ever, 22% in one day. Regan deregulation and relaxed tax laws allowed the savings and loan crisis, that cost the American people about 100 billion dollars in bail outs. He also over saw the worst unemployment record since the great depression, at 10.1%. When you adjust for work force, Bush and Obama have lost about 1 million jobs in 4 years. Regan, in 1981/1982 lost 1 million jobs a week.

But ignoring all of that, lets focus just on the debt. Regan increased the national debt by 168%. If you toss in bush sr, you get about 217% increase, because bush sr followed the same failed policies.

You got your president. You had him, he was call Bush Jr, he ran the country into the ground. Do we really need to double tap the country with another one.

Bush Jr did everything that Regan did and did it with the same results that Regan did.
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