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Originally Posted by 408SandShark View Post
Answer to the Moto Photon Sleep of DEATH!

The Sleep of DEATH is related to the battery itself, not b/c it isn't charged. The battery moves and the connection to the terminals are separated. Take of the battery cover face the battery side down and you will be able to see the battery moves slightly. do this while it's in sleep mode and sleep of death happens. The only fix I can come up with is that you use something to shim between the battery and the back phone cover... a simple piece of 1/16 or 1/8 tape..(insulated cushioned tape.. IDK what else to call it) make a strip half the length of battery away from the kick stand.. and closet to the top of the battery... DON'T PUT TAPE ON BATTERY, PUT ON PHONE COVER. After that I haven't seen the Sleep of Death from my phone in weeks!!!! So it does work.. Or you could exchange it for another one.. hopefully this helps peace out!
I've read this before, that the sleep of death is often related to a battery that doesn't seat in the phone correctly. Has anyone else suffering from this problem seen any success with this option?
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