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Hey there, I decided to try FX without the (soon to be) paid features, just to get a different angle; also the fact that I'm using a low-end, smaller screen phone might give you some more varied feedback on the versatily of the app.

Things that I've noticed:

- The speed for such a nice UI is comendable, to say the least. Even in a low-res phone like mine, the icons, the text and the menu look crisp and well defined, without sacrificing efficiency and performance.

- It has the usual stuff, sharing through several apps or mediums (BT, Evernote, Dropbox, Tweetdeck, et. al.); in the case of images, the ability to preview it inside the app is always nice, as is the chance to set it as a wallpaper.

- Selecting a file is really intuitive once you get to it. My old file manager (File Expert) made you click a box to select multiple files; while in high end phones that might be easy, on such a small screen one, it wasn't as comfortable as expected, while by no means a difficult task; also on File Expert, it had a small pop-up tools kinda thing; in such a small screen, it was indeed a feat to be able to tap on the correct icon (my particular phone seems to be wrongly calibrated, since it recognizes taps on the TOP part of any control). Yours on the other hand, considering the size of the icons/thumbnails, it takes advantage of the touchscreen by swiping on top of them to select, and the action icons are big enough to pose no particular problem.

- In the same vein as the last thing, the icons for the actions (and the menu in itself) are incredibly easy to adapt to, and with the introduction of the multiselection context menu, all the better.

- Love the little overlays on top of media-specific folders. These ties in with my final thoughts on the app so far.

Now a few things I would love to see:

- Echoing the request to be able to move the app to SD. I know it's already on your plans, but it's still worth the mention.

- I guess that the ability to change the actual size of the icons/thumbnails would be a nice perk, but by no means a make-it-or-break-it kind of function.

- I normally use FB pictures as contacts images in my phone, but I guess there might be people who would love the chance to set a contact picture from the app itself, just as you can set your homescreen BG.

- Following the context sensitive menu, in my mind making a long tap on an empty space (or a folder) would make a second pop-up menu to appear, with options like paste or such. Sure, the clipboard is up there and it's pretty clear, but if you want to move some files into a folder in the same screen, doing a long tap would get you a pop-up menu to paste the copied selection in there; just an idea.

Final thoughts

The thing I love the most of this particular file manager is that, for us folks who are just migrating to the Android OS and are still weary of rooting or outright messing with the phone, gives us a familiar enviroment to work with; the similarity to any desktop file explorer is uncanny and really newbie-friendly.
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