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Went to Costco here in New York located in Manhattan on 116st, arrived around 10am but was told they were expecting 6 pieces hopefully no later than 11am. I walked around store for an hour and back to the kiosk but no arrival. They still wait for FedEx delivery. I went back to car listen to the radio for an hour, then back into store and still no phone. By 12:30 I gave my name and ask that the gentleman please call me the minute they arrive and I will turn back around. Now I’m 3 1/2 hours late for work. On the way to the office I remember another Costco located in Yonkers so hell since I’m late why not go all the way. I got to the store opened a membership, went to the kiosk and was told I was right on time because the only have 2 left.
Now I have a hold up. They looked at my account and notice there is a past due of $12.10 so that has to be cleared up first. While trying to get through Verizon a customer service a customer came in and wanted to purchase the Bionic, so now my heart beating fast cause that now leaves 1 left. Verizon had me on hold for a while due to high call volumes and the hold time I’m messing in my pants hoping nobody walks up to purchase the last one. Rep tells me they can’t hold not knowing the outcome of my account so they have to sell as the people request.
Finally someone picks up and I made the past due payment right on time. Since I have two account’s the phone I was walking with was not the one to be upgraded so dialing #pay would have credited that account which is why I had to speak to rep to make pay on the upgrade due account.
In the end I got the last one and I reach work by 3pm. You can’t beat $279 plus all the accessories you can dream of for free. IDK if the accessories or genuine Moto but if it works then that’s all I need to know. Forgot to mention as i was leaving the store I stopped by customer service turned in the card and cancel account for full refund. Call it what you want but I have no need to shop bulk when it's just me or else I would have kept it. Also only worked for 3 hours (3-6pm). That's what I call WINNING!!!

Here’s hoping that your experience was not as day full.
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