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Originally Posted by cereal killer View Post
I would like to see pics of the actual email (names protected)

Take a screenshot on computer, edit names out and post it. This looks like somebody typed up the document in notepad.
While this is a valid suggestion, and reasonable, if he doesn't want to, it's not a dagger in the heart of our hopes. Both my sister (works at Verizon) and blackman_x and have indicated a November Verizon release.

The fact that this document that Mannequins released contains no dates, even if he were to prove unequivocally that it is legitimate, would it really add that much to our knowledge? Does the fact that a "Sam Prime" is thought to replace the Charge really change anything?

Yes, it may be labeled the "Charge II" or some such nonsense. But the general feeling is that Samsung will be releasing the very first ICS, LTE enabled phone on Verizon in October/November (most likely mid-November). They can call it Granny's Panties LTE for all I care, and I'd still buy it.


To Mannequins,

We greatly appreciate your efforts, although we would like for you to pump your source for more information, if possible! And feel free to use whatever means you deem necessary!

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