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Default Darktremor A2SD for Prevail [Updated 5-7-12]

Thanks to hroark13, murderousone, interdpth, tkirton, elgubbo, shabbypenguin, and everyone who has helped to get a little more than expected.

This is a modified version of Darktremor A2SD. The zip in this post is the only one that works with stock-based Prevail Roms. This will not work with data-to-ext kernels.

- A root enabled ROM
- ClockworkMod Recovery ( Do NOT use ROM Manager!!)

- A complete backup of your sd card contents.

Install With CWM
1. Back up your entire sd card contents to a folder on your computer.
2. Place downloaded on SD card
3. Turn off phone
4. Boot into recovery (hold vol up + power)


4. Select - Mounts and Storage > mount /system and /data. When done, press power button to return to main menu.
5. Select - Install zip from sdcard > Choose zip from sdcard > Confirm. Wait. Return to main menu.
6. Select - Advanced > Partiton sd card > ext size (any) > swap size (any). Wait. This may take some time. When finished, return to main menu.
7. Select - Reboot system now

First boot may take a few minutes while apps are moved.
To see if it worked check the a2sdGUI now in your app drawer
or open a terminal or adb shell with root privileges and type
a2sd check
You should get a status dialogue.

What does this do for my phone?
This is Darktremor Apps2SD, a multipurpose program that primarily allows a user to execute applications created for the Android OS on their Secure Digital card (with the proper setup...more on that later). But, Darktremor Apps2SD is all about stability. The goal is to be able for all users of the Android OS to be able to take advantage of a method to run their applications from a secure digital card.

But just because the Darktremor Apps2SD is all about stability, doesn't mean it isn't packed with features:

- Move applications (both free and paid) to the Secure Digital card.
- Move Dalvik Cache to run either from your Secure Digital card or from your cache partition and clears the cache on demand.
- Boot Loop Protection: prevents the phone from boot looping in the event the SD card could not be mounted.
- Dalvik JIT for faster performance on Roms which support it.
- User selectable sizes for the Dalvik heap sizes, allowing a user to freely optimize their system.
- Activate a swap partition on your SD card and sets how often the swap partition is utilized.
- Automatically fixes configuration issues.
- Users can check the free space on their SD card and check the installation to make sure all is setup correctly.
- Runs ZipAlign on demand...this makes your programs load faster.
- Built in help system for easy reference of commands.
- All features can also be reversed without repartitioning your Secure Digital card.
- New logging features assists in troubleshooting issues.
- Commands to set the Low Memory Killer feature at boot time. Great for those people who are the "set it and forget it" type.
- And more...
All modifications should be made with the knowledge that you can possibly harm your device. I cannot be held responsible for any errors be they hardware, software, or user.

Download DarkTremor A2SD for Prevail here

Commands to use with terminal emulator or adb

All commands start with a2sd

ex: #a2sd reinstall
or: C:\adb>adb shell a2sd reinstall

would reset the symlinks and make sure your folders are moved to sd card

Just trying to help.
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