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yea i tested it with shabbyrc1 kernel with just installing a2sd but i had the same problems. rc1 it breaks it..

forgot 2 update the post since been flooded @ work... sorry bout that...

i didnt really notice it @ 1st since i was flashing all the mods to test em out, but once i rebooted the phone, it started taking internal memory more than usual.... so def wasnt working like normal on shabbyrc1 due to mount...

but the hoark kernel is working fine with it & is what im actually using now...

I have mines a lil different though. I put cache on SD-EXT. cache on ext4 with hoarks CWM ext4 file.. system is like normal & my sd is fat32/ext2 for the a2sd...

on my rom i added 2 scripts. a kernel script & overclocking script. posted in other thread of a2sd... can be added 2 init.d manually. flashing whole rom not needed. so not sure if maybe thats helping or not, in regards to who posted about my rom changes to shabby or what i added...

working on a 3rd for the mounting of the cache download file. its posted in the other thread for a2sd also.. but not fully tested..

Really dont think the changing of the S will do it though inigomontoyasr... if u remove the S it actually disables the script. The S calls for the system to read the script... 00-99 numbers are the sequence in which each init.d script will load up in order.

probably just need 2 change the script up, so it can mount it on boot on shabbyrc1.....

Also keep in mind:

maybe something was removed out the shabbyrc1 kernel, that is needed for a2sd script..

i know hoark & shabby compiled 2 separate kernels which are different. also shabby's kernel removes some stuff that i believe hoark may have left in place on his kernel... dont really remember what, have to check the threads here or both kernels 2 c what was removed & if needed by a2sd...
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