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Originally Posted by Mr.Push View Post
first i did wipe then used oden to update to latest cvw..i was using Link2d but i think i made a mistake when i loaded the links2sd well i know i did because i didnt reformat my sd (16gb)and the ap2sd would not read it it did however show in my titanium however.. so the next thing i did was download my sd card to my laptop then i went to recovery and wiped my partition and created a new on 5132 and 32swap.. then i did a system mount and data mount..rebooted open up titanium back up and it showed the drive however the numbers look strange system rom ..168mb(32.5free) internal 169mb(119 free) sd card 15.4 (15.3 free) sd crd (a2sd) 503mb(492MB) when i first booted it was giving me loops but i went back into recovery did a wipe and phone went to normal.. then i redid the steps as far as mounting and unloading of zip after that i didnt see the app itself as i had seen previously so i went in my emulator app and ran the check command..and that brings me to "boned" and i dont know about adb never attempted it i dont think..
From Your Log:
$ export PATH=/data/local/bin:$PATH $acsd check acsd: permission denied $ a2sd check rm: can't remove '/data/dta2sd.lg2': Permission denied cp: can't create '/data/dta2sd.lg2': File exists rm: can't remove '/data/dta2sd.lg1': Permission denied cp: can't create '/data/dta2sd.lg1': File exists rm: can't remove '/data/dta2sd.log': Permission denied [ ] Apps2SD is launching... grep: /init.rc: Permission denied __ _____ | | | | | |__/ | Darktremor Apps2SD (2011-01-02) [ ] GetProp Command = /system/bin/toolbox getprop [ ] SetProp Command = /system/bin/toolbox setprop [ ] Mount Point = /system/sd [ ] Creating /cache/dc mkdir: can't create directory '/cache/dc': Permission denied chmod: /cache/dc: Permission denied [ ] Symlinking /cache/dalvik-cache to /data/dalvik-cache rm: can't stat '/cache/dalvik-cache': Permission denied ln: /cache/dalvik-cache: Permission denied [ ] Starting Apps2SD Check Program. grep: /init.rc: Permission denied grep: /init.rc: Permission denied [ ]
Looks Like Your Having Permission Problems From What Your Log Says....
Files Are Not Even Getting Pushed Correctly... Try Re-Installing The A2SD Without Link2sd. Also Link2Sd Creates Similar Simlinks As A2SD... So It Can Cause Probs If Both Are There..
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