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Originally Posted by KaosStorm View Post

Now a few things I would love to see:

- Echoing the request to be able to move the app to SD. I know it's already on your plans, but it's still worth the mention.
Next version has this enabled. I apologize for not having it previously enabled but it's a bit frustrating from a development perspective. Once it's enabled your app must be built against Froyo (Android 2.2), and if you want backward compatibility with Eclair (2.1), Google's solution is that you "be very careful and test more."
- I guess that the ability to change the actual size of the icons/thumbnails would be a nice perk, but by no means a make-it-or-break-it kind of function.
All our icons are actually scalable vector graphics images (SVGs), but Android unfortunately requires us to turn them into PNG bitmaps to deploy them in the application. Still may be able to get such support in place in the future though. I'd love to have pinch-stretch zoom gesture support in file lists. We could do it by adding additional very-large PNG images to the app, but these would probably have to be downloadable and live on the SD card to avoid having a profound effect on the size of the APK download.

- I normally use FB pictures as contacts images in my phone, but I guess there might be people who would love the chance to set a contact picture from the app itself, just as you can set your homescreen BG.
I'm a bit afraid of adding the required permissions to do this. As a for-instance, our SystemPanel app has a 4.5+ star review and has more than a half-million downloads. Every couple of weeks someone will post a review of the app claiming that we don't need a given permission and that we must be using it to do something really sinister. Adding any access to contacts would bring these folks out in droves (even though the same folks wouldn't blink at giving an app superuser access).

- Following the context sensitive menu, in my mind making a long tap on an empty space (or a folder) would make a second pop-up menu to appear, with options like paste or such. Sure, the clipboard is up there and it's pretty clear, but if you want to move some files into a folder in the same screen, doing a long tap would get you a pop-up menu to paste the copied selection in there; just an idea.
The problem here is that a lot of screens won't have any whitespace. Folks will get attached to this and become frustrated when the no-whitespace condition occurs (i.e., viewing a scrolling list or a grid of files that exactly fills the screen).

Have though about adding a Paste option to the File menu itself but didn't like the redundancy of it, and it *only* works when the clipboard is present.

Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions!
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