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Originally Posted by my77stang View Post
Hey guys, I've been running this for a few days and I've noticed that more than half of the time my phone doesnt ring when people call, it only vibrates. I've checked all my settings and by all rights it should ring - and sometimes it does... its totally random. Anyone else having this problem? Missing calls because I don't hear it ring is a pretty serious problem for me, especially because this is my work phone.

Other than that I love the performance boost and the battery life seems much improved over stock
If you carry your Ally in your pocket like I do, the headphone jack can sometimes get dirty. When that happens, it can cause a complete loss of any audio from the Ally speaker, as it is tricked into thinking a plug is in the jack. I have had to clean mine with compressed air several times since it was new, which always fixes the problem until 'next time'. If this is happening to you, it can prevent the phone from audibly ringing. Try cleaning the jack with a couple shots of compressed air.
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