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Originally Posted by cereal killer View Post
I just have a "problem" with it because the more things like this get coverage the more it encourages this type of behavior.

Soon every article will have the disclaimer of "take it with a grain of salt." Which is a dead end

It's going to blur the lines of "good" info versus bad. The credible sources are being marginalized and they are disappearing. And rightfully so I may add.

In the long run we will suffer the consequences.
This is a good point.

Originally Posted by whiskeyguy View Post
I personally think it's a marketing tactic. These occasional, unofficial leaks keep people like us begging for more information. We're discussing a phone in detail that isn't going to be released for probably two months. We're getting the name and specs of the phone out there for them, and launching a massive "word of mouth" campaign. It's really smart of them actually.
So are we thinking that Mannequins is a Verizon or Samsung rumor-inserter? It's possible. But seriously guys, I really did call the number before it was blacked out, and it is an official Verizon phone number, and the person's name on the voice mail is the same as what was on the document.

It's possible, but I don't think probable.
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