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Default 1st Attempt @ gingerbread = EPIC Fail lol

Ok, first shot at going gingerbread seemed to be going smoothly until it came to "choose zip from SD card" time
We get there and DOH!
Files ain't there.
Needless to say I was crashed at the white start up screen.
Went back in and restored everything. (Thank you CW and everyone who SCREAMED the importance of backing up everything first)
So here I am, licking my wounds, hanging my noobish head in shame and asking where I went wrong.

Apperently I dont have the files in the sd card root. They must still be in a d/l folder.

Also of note (maybe) when CW was backing up the system it errored something about the volume control. It was the only error and volume still works so I dont know if it was just a hiccup or what.

So I have the later steps down, I need someone to walk me through the early stages.

I d/l these:

GingerBreak- v1.20.apk
PlayfulGod's CM builds (Gingerbread):
CM7- Ascend - Prepaid Android
BobZ's CM7 builds (Gingerbread):
CM7- Ascend-BobZ - Prepaid Android

The exact next few steps to get them where I need them to be?

(Feel free to roll your eyes and sigh)
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