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Originally Posted by DXGypsy View Post
Well that was the most epicky of epic fails.
The lazy kernel put me into an endless reboot cycle.
White huawei screen, then off, then white screen over and over.

I will get this sumbitch if it kills me.

Next plan of attack?
ROM backups are huge. Like 700+ mb. On a 2 gb card, I couldn't even do a single backup when I had all my stuff on it. Delete excess backups and keep the one that you know works.

If you're wanting CM7, use the new one that PG just put out, CM7 0912, or the smaller and simpler one from BobZ, CM7 0708, along with the 0613 gapps, and make sure to move them to your sdcard root directory as is, unzipped. If you're on Cricket that's all you'll need. I just flashed PG's, and it took off the first try. You won't have to mess with any kernals or anything. They both should run just fine on lazy Ascends. BobZ's accommodates lazier phones, but you shouldn't have a problem either one.
After that, boot into CWM, go to advanced, partition sdcard card, select 512 with a 32 swap (unless it's really small sdcard and you need the space, then go with 256 or 128.)
Back button to the main menu, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition.
In advanced, wipe dalvik cache, hit the back button.
In mounts and storage, format /boot, /cache, /data, /system, and /sd-ext. DON'T FORMAT /SDCARD. Hit the back button.
Install zip from sdcard, choose zip from sdcard, select the CM7 file first, then when it's done select the gapps file. When it's done, hit the back button.
In advanced, fix permissions, back button.
Reboot system now.

You've probably heard all this over and over by now, but I'm throwing it out there again so you can double check your steps.

EDIT: Thinking about it, I'm wondering if partitioning your sdcard will cause you to lose data, thereby losing your zips, or even your backup. Can't remember, gonna look...
EDIT2: I tried it out, partitioning the sdcard WILL delete data from the card. If I didn't have a computer and thus no way to move files on and off the card, I would use BobZ's build, at least until I had a way to move data on and off the card with a card reader.
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