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Originally Posted by ShinySide View Post
Thats the first boot loop on the 672 Ive ever heard of! Ahaha

You could quite possible have a super Lazy Ascend. As of now I got nothing except try some other builds. Maybe your phone just dont like the new build.

Try one of BobZ's builds. Their CM7.1 Android version 2.3.4
CM7-Ascend-BobZ - Prepaid Android

Theres also the option of trying CM6
CM6-Ascend - Prepaid Android
When I first starting flashing the Ascend, I got boot loops all the time. Anytime I flashed anything that OC'd higher than 710 put me in boot loops and hangups. I could actually bust out of some of them and get it to work, but doing that at each startup got old, though easier as the build settled in. And I boot looped on the lazy builds a couple times. I must have gotten it broken in because things run pretty smooth for me these days, though I do super clean flashes. I even reformat my sdcard on a totally new build. My phone is VERY particular.
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