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Originally Posted by whiskeyguy View Post
It's probably higher then them. Someone at some point must decide to send an email to employees and organization partners, and I'm sure they know the risks of the email getting leaked. I wouldn't be surprised if everything was timed according to how VZW/Samsung/Google marketing want this information to get out.
True, but the leaks we've seen (the notepad list, the email yesterday about it dropping either 11/17/or 11/24) look SO amateurish. If Verizon or Samsung wanted to stir the pot, something slightly more official-looking would work best.

I do think they've been doing it (the User Profile page that was up with the "Prime" name; sending a cease and desist letter to P3Droid, who has a bigger mouth than Sarah Silverman; etc.).

But yeah, these other leaks could be deliberate on the part of higher-ups sending sensitive info to pee-ons.

On the other hand, these leaks were springing up like crazy in the Bionic world, and almost all of them turned out to be wrong, which led to severe anger and frustration. They could have been from higher ups in Moto, and they just screwed up and had to keep delaying, or they could've been from glory-hounds who were simply making it up.

It's important to take all these with a grain of salt. We still haven't heard anything official from Samsung, Verizon, or Google. If November comes and goes and Prime doesn't release, and we put too much faith in these leaks, people will definitely be starting "I hate Samsung" threads and calling them liars and idiots. And I'll be the OP!
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