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Originally Posted by dkelley View Post
guys, firmware IS android. android IS firmware. one and the same.

the software update upgrades android 2.1 to a later version of 2.1, but we're all mostly running that already and it's been out since feb.

2.2 or 2.3 which supposedly are coming out this month (at least on telus according to a leak) are still not showing and are now officially late. it was supposed to be announced last thursday if I read those leaked phone-cam images correctly.

read the lg shine plus upgrade column in these pics, particularly the first one.

I really want it for this phone, but am not expecting it. that or a nice hacked rom with apps2sd enabled (Ext version would be even better than google version fwiw).
I disagree!

Firmware is lower-level microcode involved in the implementation of machine instructions. The boundary between hardware and software

Android is an operating system based upon the Linux kernel specifically designed for mobile devices.

I often do firmware updates on computers to address issues with hardware. That does not mean I am making any changes to Windows, Linux, OSX or whatever is being used as an operating system of the computer I update the firmware on.

They are different.
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