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Originally Posted by jikhead View Post
The latest rumor on the Prime is supposedly a release mid-late October to early November. With that said, I seriously doubt that the Prime will release with ICS. The Sammy guy in the rumor supposedly said that the Prime in his hand didn't have it cause ICS wasn't ready. I can't image that from now until October/November would be enough ample time to test an entirely different version of the OS. You could run into a lot of software glitches and bugs that could further push the release date WAAY out. So with that said, if you are hoping that the Prime is going to launch with ICS and that is the reason for waiting for that phone, you might be waiting for something that isn't going to be there. Just my thoughts and opinion.
That rumor leak from droidguy yesterday that you are basing your argument on is completely garbage. Even if that guy is real, it must be early proto-type running gingerbread to test functions of device. There are reports that Google already delivered finished ICS to samsung, and Eric Schmidt also said Google will unveil ICS to world on late Oct. Also bestbuy emails leaks suggest mid November release of Prime. Unless they are all lying, the latest Prime test device must be running ICS now.
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