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Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
I leave all radios on, all the time (except 4G, because I'm usually about 2 miles West of LA's 4G coverage). I like not having to micromanage my devices, which is a great thing about the Photon--even with everything on (GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, cell) I get decent enough battery life to fit my needs.

So, yeah, I like to be able to leave the house and have an immediate transition from wifi to 3G. If this holds out, the Photon will be the first to actually provide it.
Hmm, I might have to give this update a shot. I listen to music at work all day through my phone and occasionally Ill hit a spot where I lose wifi and it takes just long enough to switch over to 3G that Ill lose about a minute of music which kinda sucks when youre really into a song.
Never forget before buying a phone Motorola breaks their promise of updates.
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