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Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
I leave all radios on, all the time (except 4G, because I'm usually about 2 miles West of LA's 4G coverage). I like not having to micromanage my devices, which is a great thing about the Photon--even with everything on (GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, cell) I get decent enough battery life to fit my needs.

So, yeah, I like to be able to leave the house and have an immediate transition from wifi to 3G. If this holds out, the Photon will be the first to actually provide it.
I do this as well. I NEVER turn off Anything except 4G (unless I am out and about and need it for web browsing (Xoom or Touchpad) or Netflix. I have ZERO worries about my battery. When I am in my car it's in the Photon Dock with Mobile Hotspot turned on for the kids and their devices in the back seat. Daughter can check FB (on Xoom or Touchpad or connect with her EVO Shift 4G) and Son can watch Netflix AWESOME PHONE. I really truly believe the SGS2 won't be able to compete with this phone after the dust settles. 2 updates already. it would take Sammy 7-8 months to get 2 updates

Saying Google's purchase of Moto Mobility won't give us Photon owners a leg up is foolish at best. Photon FTW.
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