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I got the ATV2000 from Asiapads took about 4 weeks from ordering to get it.

Anyway to cut a long story short it's a poor media player with good hardware let down by the software. Oh yes there are no manuals at all so your completely reliant on guesswork.

It is powered by an Amilogic 8726 chipset with a 1GHz Cortex A9 CPU and Mali400 GPU with hardware acceleration for H.264, MPEG2 and VC-1. 1080p WMV samples played fine and H.264 1080p video I have with average bitrate of 40Mbps played fine for the most part so that's it's upper limit.

1) The supplied media player software from Geniatech played most media formats I threw at it but the software only reads USB sources, you must use another supplied app to mount network sources first but it doesn't work at all with my NAS refusing any supplied username/password even when there isn't one.

The remote control isn't really suited either to controlling the media player as your expected to use the virtual mouse to handle play/pause/rewind etc controls via an OSD.

2) Certain features do not work over ethernet like customizing the home screen (hold down left mouse button) in addition certain apps will not work over ethernet either like the Plex app so you must use wireless.

3) The built in HiDTV app did not work at all for me, I will re-test with the updated version available to download from Geniatech's website. Watch out the firmware update to this player will delete the HiDTV application.

4) Google market is only available when installing the firmware update above, it does work fine from there as does other markets like Amazon's app store.

5) Android compatibility is mixed as it is classed as an unknown phone so some apps will not be available, even if you do get them through other means some apps will not run and there is a major lack of any decent DLNA media player apps on the Android market so I've had no luck replacing the shoddy built in media player for network playback.

The Plex app is about the only decent front end available and it does work but in my tests I was getting audio sync problems but that could be down to my crappy wifi network but they were iPhone videos so should have been okay.

If they had actually developed a decent media center front end this could have been a pretty good media player but it's not and probably never will be until the official GoogleTV app store is up and running then someone makes an alternative media center program for Android.

Other odd's and end's;
About the missing HDMI resolution switcher, you can get that back by adding a shortcut on the home screen.
* Hold down the left mouse button on the remote
* Select shortcuts->settings
* then pick the display resolution shortcut

There is an Amilogic HDMI switcher in that apk collection linked above this could also be related.

Avoid QQLauncher after installing it locked up the box which then went into an automated recovery mode thankfully the firmware HT1 linked to was able to repair the damage. The box may already be rooted according to Titanium back up.

The remote is actually pretty decent for typing and browsing the web.

Don't plug in a USB mouse it causes the player to spaz out.

The firmware update change your browser homepage to some sort of kiosk provider, Geniatech does business with them from the looks of it and it's just another item over looked.

The Eminent DLNA player was one of the few I could get to work and access my NAS and it was able able to play 720p/mkv videos no problem, now correct me if I'm wrong but Android does not natively support mkv and this DLNA app relies on native playback so it must be leveraging the built in Geniatech video player. The bad news is that Eminent was never designed to be used at 720p or higher and the video has overlay issues with the app. Maybe the developer could update his app as it seems the most promising.
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