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Originally Posted by Sportster View Post
Same here. I'm not anticipating ICS. There's bound to be lots of bugs with a newly released OS. So I'm probably going to get this phone. It's the first one out, I like the looks of it and the specs, I do like the Superamo+ screens except the colors are too glarish,cartoonish. ICS worries me. I can't see it being a giant leap in usefulness from the already useful GB. Not to mention with all the ROMing being done with these phones,any added useful additions can generally be found on one or the other out there. Now I'm using MIUI for my OG Droid and love it. Hurry up Oct 20th!!!!

I agree. Not to mention it was rumored that google left out some of the real show stopper features for the next version since they pushed ics up to compete with the iphone 5 so I could see even more bugs being present and not a real leap in the OS. Plus as soon as ics is out there will be plenty of roms with it anyway so if it really is that nice then I will just load one of the roms up. I just want to see how the vigor is performance wise but most likely I will get that rather than wait on the nexus prime. I look at it this way..The longer I wait to upgrade, the longer until I can upgrade again lol. If there are 2 very similar phones hardware wise why wait the extra month if not more?
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