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Originally Posted by kyler13 View Post
Yeah, let's blame everyone else instead of the guy that comes in to this subforum claiming to know all, but he can't tell us and he deletes his posts 5 minutes later, and then every week he's getting info from a source, but oops, the guy didn't show, but he knows what the phone looks like and it's not the leaked picture all over the internet, but they may have changed it so he could be right and just saw a pre-production unit. The hot info is supposed to come next week and it never does. Repeat. I really don't care about what he has to say at this point because I've gotten more info out of the blog rumor mill and even a Verizon employee who posted on here right around the Xmas to New Year's timeframe. I half blame the mods for doing stupid stuff like shutting down and moving threads because it seems they're half paying attention to the transgressions of a single poster. The guy should be banned. He's inciting a lot of what's going down on here and it's negatively affecting everyone else. Outside of that, interactions between others have been quite civil and informative. Just my opinion. And note, I haven't been slinging any insults at the guy or running up a ton of posts to/about him. I'm just calling it like I've seen it over the past 6 or so weeks.
Man...that was perfectly said Kyler. +1
Something BIG is coming...
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