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Originally Posted by Covert_Death View Post
this is a good explanation but not longer appropriate for the times... when the iPhone launched on AT&T, there were NO other phones truly capable of surfing the web and using data on SUCH A LARGE scale as we commonly see today... the iPhone NOW sucks up no more data than an EVO 4g, EVO 3d, Epic 4g, epic touch 4g, nexus s 4g and so on... if Sprint network can handle all of these high data phones currently available there is NO need to re adjust data usage because of an iPhone launch. if you asked this a few years ago i would have agreed because the network had not proven to handle such a load, but if it can handle the wide variety of High End data intensive phones currently available, it will be fine.

also part of the reason the AT&T network suffered when the iPhone originally launched was mostly due to a sub-par network for the number of users they had (they still have this problem), sprint does not have this problem. their network is capable of the users they currently have as well as many more.
There is amble reason for us to be concerned. Sprint's network can currently handel our data useage, but all of the Apply fanboys that come out of the wodwork could screw us. We will need tojust wait and see how popular the Sprint iPhone is and tak eit from there.
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