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Originally Posted by JayC View Post
This phone took way to long to come out. My Captivate was on it's last breath. Went ahead and bought the Thrill. I have no regrets at all!
Yeah I got the Thrill too. Gave my Captivate to my Wife. Then we got another Captivate from my neice and I was setting it up as a game device for the kids. After having the Thrill for 2 weeks the Captivate was so light, and so thin, and I emitted an audible "mmmm" when I held it. To make sure the other Captivate wasn't broken I put my SIM in it for a couple days. At 5pm the Captivate was still at 65% battery life while the Thrill was consistently at 35% or lower at 5pm. That was when I knew the Thrill was going back for the SGSII.
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