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Originally Posted by forddna View Post
Are you sure you have your display brightness, screen timeout time, sync frequencies, etc the same on both phones?
Yup. Display brightness was set to auto, screen timeout the same 30sec, and all configurable sync set to as close as I could make them.

There was one difference though. The Captivate was running a leaked (but otherwise unmodified) Gingerbread release, while the Thrill was stock FROYO. GB isn't worth 30% battery though.

In my tests between the 2 phones, I noticed 2 major "elephant-in-the-room" differences regarding battery life. 1) With auto-brightness turned on, the Thrill measured consistently higher brightness in the same light as the Captivate. 2) The Thrill let programs run in the background much longer than the Captivate. I was consistently killing 3-4 apps manually with the task killer versus 1-2 with the Captivate.
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