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Originally Posted by forddna View Post
Do you plan to purchase this phone on release date or wait for hands on reviews?
I will be waiting on the sidewalk when they open. I've been using ye olde flip phone since late July and the untimely death of my Captivate. The wait has been painful.

I still need to call in and find out if I have an upgrade on my line. My parents have been gracious enough to keep me on their crazy cheap legacy corporate plan and I can't remember the last time one of us actually used our own upgrade to buy a new phone. When I got my Captivate no one but an AT&T store would sell me a phone at the discounted rate because they claimed that only an AT&T corporate store could authorize an upgrade line swap. I really hate buying phones at AT&T stores and hoped to get it a little cheaper elsewhere, but this is one of the rare instances where instant gratification is worth an extra $50-100 to me.
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