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Default Download 3026.prl (Latest) and Update Instructions! (Regularly Updated)

Downloads: 3026.prl (Latest), 3025.prl, 3024.prl, 3023.prl

Quick Notice:

Its seems to be that dialing *228 gets you the latest PRL now, and alot of people have confirmed that the *228 service updated their PRL to 3026. It maybe in certain areas so there might be a possibility that it hasn't updated in your area.

If anyone is thinking about updating their PRLs, try *228 first just in case to see if it updates you to 3026 so you wont have to use this guide. And if it takes you back to a older PRL you have nothing to loose since you were in the process of changing it manually anyway.

For steps on updating your PRL, use this guide:

MSL=SPC to get you SPC use MEID Converter where you need to enter your IMEI/MEID number to convert it and get your MetroPCS SPC.

Updating the PRL
Once you know your MSL, you need to download and install the program QPST 2.7 Build 323, it might be possible to use another version of the program but this guide was made using version 2.7 b323. QPST is not a paid program but is intended for developers, providers and maintenance technicians, according the software is “freeware”.

1.Download QPST here.
2. if needed, google, download and install the Samsung Galaxy S Drivers
2.5 Make sure your Indulge is not USB debugging mode, to disable, go to settings>applications>development>uncheck USB debugging
3. On your Indulge, with the touchscreen dialer, dial **87284 this will open the “PhoneUtil” hidden menu
4. Change on both the UART and the USB menus, to MODEM and hit home.
5. Connect your phone to your computer with the usb cable, select “Mass Storage” if the select USB mode menu opens.
6. Your computer will automatically install the modem drivers for your Indulge wait until you see the “device is ready for use”
7. Open QPST Configurations. Start>All Programs> QPST> QPST Configuration.
8. Click on the “Ports” tab and “Add a new port”
9. Select the “COMXX – USB\QC Diagnostic” and click ok, in my case the port number was 13, your port number will be different, if you see more than one, disconnect all your external devices such as external HDDs, phones, Bluetooth dongles, ect. If you don’t see a port. Disconnect your phone, restart your computer, connect your phone and try again, you might want to remember your Indulge’s port number for future use.
10. Click “Start Clients” on the top of the program and open Service programming.
11. On the new Phone Selection windows you should see one active phone that starts with FFA65, select it and click ok.
12. Click “Read from the phone” and enter your 6-digit MSL code
13. Click on the “Roam” tab and click the “Browse…” button, here you will need to browse for the PRL you downloaded above select it and open it.
14. Click “Write to Phone”
15. Your Indulge will reboot and you can close all the programs now. On your phone go to settings>about phone>status> and make sure the PRL version matches the PRL number you downloaded, if yes, Congratulations you all done!!
16. Don’t forget to change back the USB settings ONLY back to PDA on the **87284 menu
Everytime there is a new PRL available, I'll update this thread and keep everything organized so you will have everything you need in one thread

If you guys want a BIG BIG boost in your battery, I suggest you turn off 4G. The only reason the Indulge's battery life is so limited is because of 4G. For more details read a post of mines below:
Originally Posted by Kaiser17
Yep, 4G is the biggest battery killer. With it turned off I get 12-14 hours as opposed to 4-6 with it turned on.

To turn off 4G: Dial up **583385## and select CDMA Only which will turn off 4G and then you will have 3G/1x. To turn it back on, do the same thing and select Global Mode.

And the good thing about turning 4G off is that if you have wifi at home and you turn it on your 3g/1x will turn off and then it will use your wifi for calls/texts which saves even more battery but with 4G, it cant do that and it stays on alongside wifi which kills more battery.

When im at home I always leave wifi turned on because it uses less power than 3G/1x because it doesn't have to continuously search for towers.

You might also want to set your wifi sleep policy to off because when your phone is sleeping, wifi turns off and then it goes back to 3G/1x as mentioned 3G/1x uses more power than wifi.

To turn it off go to Settings -> Wireless Networks -> Wifi settings -> Scroll down to Advanced -> Wifi Sleep policy -> Never
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