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Originally Posted by 1BlinkGone View Post
We bought ours February 2011. No porn, no root, no 3-rd party apps outside of market, no abuse. I was having these problems before and after I used any kind of task manager (downloaded from Market).

Many of the issues went away after upgrading to Gingerbread... but I did gain a problem with Gingerbread with the text messages randomly skipping to the top of a text thread while typing a text message. That never happened to me before with Froyo, but I had random text sending issues with Froyo that were just bizarre. I can guarantee you our problems had nothing to do with user error.
That skipping is something related to GB as I also get it and I never had it on 2.2. So not sure if that will be addressed or not, but hope so.

On to the other topics, I havent had one instance in the 2 months I have had my mytouch4G and hope I never do. Seems like it is hit or miss with some of you guys and I know the screen washout is huge with this phone, but those other issues I havent heard much of till now.

I am on my 2nd one as well and didnt have any issues with the 1st one, which was my 2.2 froyo mytouch4g. If not for hardware issue with the back button, I would probably still be rocking it, but I am anal about ish like that now, lol!

The new one came pre-installed with GB and works awesome minus the texting issue skipping to top line, which is quite annoying. Also the battery life from froyo to GB is like whoa! I used to get 8-10 hours of life before recharging and now I am getting 15-18.....drastic difference! Very happy now. I was a hair away from selling it due to the craptastic battery life, so glad I had hardware issues and got the 2.3 mytouch. I know I could have went to a store and got a memory card with 2.3 on it, but was a headache.

Sorry you guys that have had bad luck with your mytouch's.
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