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Default Replacing my EVO 4G for a...EVO 4G.

Sorry for the novel that follows but I wanted to express my thoughts on what's new with Sprint and the end of the EVO.

Up until I became a Sprint customer I didn't know much about Android, and I wanted an iPhone because I loved my iPod touch which of course is just lacking the calling feature. But then I met my now boyfriend, who works for Sprint and I quickly became enthralled with the Android system.

My boyfriend tried to convince me to get a Samsung but after I had a moment with the EVO I was only interested in the EVO 4G and nothing else. My phone became my favorite possession and I started learning all about the phone biz, and eventually even became a loyal Sprint fan, since their the only company that I could use as much data as I do and not go bankrupt.

Anyway, the point is, I have been wanting to either replace my current EVO with another one, or something undeniably better. But now Sprint is discontinuing one of the best things that has happened to smartphones and I still haven't found anything that tempts me to get something newer.

The EVO 3D is not at all something I'd replace my 4G with. I just don't like it...the design, the lack of kickstand, and the 3D isn't impressive and I think that the larger memory is the ONLY thing I appreciate about it.

The Photon is cool but it didn't strike me as that special. And at least at my bf's store the reaction was Meh, and half the Photons he sold were returned and exchanged for EVOs in every case.

The Epic Touch is the coolest phone I've seen in a while and I briefly considered getting one, but I still haven't grown to love the OS. But I like it bc it's a great phone and has created huge buzz. But now that I've tried it, I wouldn't replace my EVO yet.

I know it sounds silly, but I think the EVO is still an amazing phone despite the disappointing is slow compared to the newest phones and the battery is infuriating at times, but I *love* it. Everything I want in a phone I can get from an EVO. The look of it is attractive to me more so than any other phone, I find the weight ideal and HTC sense is by far my favorite OS.

I've had to get used to working around the EVO's shortcomings but have decided that I will be an EVO 4G owner until Sprint has a phone that makes me feel as awed and in love as the EVO 4G. Outdated it may be but the perfect phone for me.

My hope is that HTC develops a new EVO for Sprint that is as beautiful as the 4G but improves on things like memory, storage and battery. HTC is my favorite brand and I somehow strongly want Sprint's next flagship phone to be an EVO that manages to make waves like the 4G did. Even today I'm sitting at Sprint as I type and two people bought the EVO because its being discontinued. And this store sells more EVOs than the Photon and only the Epic Touch is selling as well in this area.

A phone is just a phone, and its not something I should feel so passionately about but I have become a geek over smartphones since becoming an owner. A part of me understands that Sprint wants to have the newest and support their other big name 4G phones but I also think its stupid to kill a phone that is still as popular as the EVO is and I will be extremely disappointed if they don't do something impressive with their EVO lineup in the near future.

Does anyone else feel as sad about the EVO's exit as I do? Or hope that the next must have phone from Sprint is an improved and buzzworthy HTC EVO? And do you think Sprint should continue to work with HTC and keep the EVO name alive or is HTC old news?
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