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Originally Posted by HeroNtheShadow View Post
Why should he? If the Thrill meets his needs and wants in a phone, then he has no regrets and shouldn't be chastised for it.

I'm waiting on the SGS2 and if that phone does everything i need it to do without any major problems then i wont have regrets or buyers remorse.... not even if the Prime or Holiday or whatever else comes downt the line. It's inevitable that newer/faster/better performing devices are ALWAYS right around the corner. Just get what meets your requirements/wants and be happy.... without judging others' decisions
Hardly chastising and not judging. The discrepancy between the two devices is large, but I understand why somebody would get tired of waiting. I'm always an advocate for not waiting on devices if you want something new. If you're always waiting for what's coming, you'll never buy anything. But at the same time, if I just bought a new device (even if I loved it) right before they released one I'd like even better, I'd still regret it. To each his own though.
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