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Originally Posted by Slug View Post
Moving thread isn't "stupid". It's how we attempt to keep Android Forums relevant and useful to its members. Have you ANY idea how many new posts hit this board daily? If we don't move posts into more relevant forums then within minutes important stuff disappears under the deluge.

Threads get usually closed when they've run their course or look to be in terminal decline. Personally I don't like doing it, but if the only other option is to dust off the ban stick or award infractions I'll gladly do it as the lesser evil. The previous "Bravo Status" thread is a perfect example; tempers were getting frayed and words getting harsh. Rather than wait until somebody incurred a warning/infraction I elected to close it. If you feel that was wrong then by all means contact the admins and put your case. I don't claim to be perfect but I do like to think I'm fair and considerate.

We don't ban people simply because their posts are unpopular. If they don't contravene the rules they have the same right to post as anyone else. If you have a problem with a particular post or poster, use the "Report This Post" button to bring it to a mod's attention. It will be reviewed and acted on.... or not. If you don't like a particular poster, use the "Ignore List" to banish them from view forever. If you disagree with a thread, move on to another.

Please everybody, bear the above in mind when posting in this thread. If it goes the same way as the previous one did the result will be the same.
I have to scratch my head when I run down the HTC Passion sub-forum and find more than a half-dozen Bravo-related topics that have not been moved. I think my point was that this revolves around an individual drawing attention to himself in a negative way, and not a simple application of forum rules. That being said, you have the authority to enforce the rules as you see fit and I understand it's difficult to keep up with everything. At some point, though, do you look at the behavior of an individual and issue them a warning? It's not against forum rules, I'm sure, to delete your posts, but habitual trail cleaning has to raise red flags. I do use the ignore list for certain posters, but alas, the forum software does nothing to assist "banishing them from view" when you see can see a post from an ignored user quoted and followed up on half a dozen times afterwards in a thread. Seems counter-productive to the function.
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