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Originally Posted by undacova View Post
How did you change brightness to auto? And by flash works very well do you mean you have flash video function as well? Mine works but the screen it all green artifacts...

I guess it a decent phone, the LTE part turns me off. First off Metro calling the speeds they restrict their LTE network to is hardly "4g", plus the LTE network in Michigan only works in one area that I try at all costs to avoid.

Besides that if I'm gonna pay that much a month and that much for a phone I would just go back to Sprint. The price for Metro's really, really limited 4g network is way too close to the price of Sprint's real unlimited data plan to make it justifiable. Plus I can buy a used Sprint phone with the same specs for less than half the price craigslist.

The ONLY reason I can see for people to use Metro is cuz it's cheap (it's the only reason I'm on it) and the 4g plan just isn't far enough from the competition (who has way better shit).

A couple points:
First, I agree with you on the 4g part which is why I said 'lte' and not 4g also, I'm in the Bay Area so we have pretty good coverage and even with the capped speeds it will murder what I get now. On a side note: for phone use I really don't see the need for anything over 5-8mbs tbh.
Second, I paid $230 for my Optimus when it came out so it's not that much more after the rebate.
Third, Sprint is the only other company that is close price wise and I've had some bad experiences with them trying to deal with my father's service. Long story short, F*ck Sprint.
And last, like I said, that was just my opinion. And while I respect your position on the matter, its still worth it to me. For $55 a month on my family plan its the cheapest unlimited everything plan for my situation.
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