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Originally Posted by undacova View Post
It may well be worth it in LTE land wherever the hell that is, I don't even travel to an LTE zone on a 6 month basis. Personally right now I'm getting sick of paying 45 bux a month for 1x, and all the bad sprint ever did to me does not equal giving me an android smart-phone on 1x data(WTF did I do to deserve this? LOL). Right now I wish I had my old Samsung dumb-phone in real evdo speed. It played fluid streaming video, pandora worked flawlessly with out 30 seconds of buffer between songs, it even took great pics. Only thing my android has on it is the ability to view full web pages, and at 1x speed I'd rather see the mobile version...

Metro just sucks where I live. No LTE, No ability to flash phones, No 3g and I have to sit on my porch to make a phone call, and I live in an effing city not out in farm land.

And WOW @ the 230 for an optimus. That is outrageous. If you paid that much for one I can see how you would have little hesitation for the esteem for 250. I picked up 2 of them like new off craigslist for 175 in May, You always pay a huge premium to be the first on the bandwagon...
I understand your frustration w the 1x, hopefully they'll have your area up to 3G soon or at least before year end. Earlier knew that's what you were referring to, your area still only being @ 1x.
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