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if anybody has a for sure answer on this, i'd appreciate it. if not, educated guesses are welcome as well .

just because its reaching EOL and they aren't "making" it anymore, if you try to get an evo *replaced* via insurance, don't you think they'd still have abunch of refurbished evo's they could send you instead of an EVO3D/Nexus S/etc?? especially with sprint buying back so many evo's as a trade-in for the photon & epic touch 4g? i'm asking because i'd love to upgrade to the evo3d because of the increased storage, the awesome updated version of sense, and i think the 3d on it is cool to show off. i'd be willing to pay the $80-100 deductible if it guaranteed i'd get a 3D back instead of a refurb'd EVO4G.

any concrete info on this would be greatly appreciated!!
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