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realizes that there is no youtube because it's WWII (remember, Victoria, you stupid idiot?), and so she leaves her camera behind and walks out of the cave and sees a beautiful house in the distance sitting on top of a huge mountain and so she says "Genie, Genie, come back!" and the genie appears and says "What do you want, I was about to take a dump" and she says "My last wish is to go to that house!" and the Genie says, "Um, well," and so Victoria says "Now!" and so the Genie snaps his fingers and she appears in front of the house and it has a huge sign that says "Eagles Nest" and she remembers from history class that it was Hitler's house in the mountains, and she looks up at a window and sees a little guy with a Hitler 'stache, and she walks up to the front door and. . .
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