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Default Better Coverage with EVRC-B

I learned about this in another Android forum and tried it out.

Verizon apparently sets the default service option to EVRC and you can set it to EVRC-B to get better coverage. Some people think it increases battery drain. I have seen nothing definitive about that opinion.

Use the "hidden menu" to set it ... in Gingerbread (on the Bionic) ...
Select Phone
Select Dialer
Type in ##program and hit the connect key
When the display comes up type in 000000 and hit the Verify key
When the menu comes up select 06 Test Mode
When the Test section comes up hit the Next button at the bottom of the screen twice
Select the Service option at the top of the screen (it currently says EVRC)
Choose the EVRC-B option
Select Home button
You now have EVRC-B set until the next time you power off/power on. (Apparently earlier versions of Android allowed you to set it once and it was retained. Gingerbread resets it to the EVRC.)

I have not changed any other options on any of these "hidden menu" screens and do not know what impact changing any of them would have.

This single option seems to be "a keeper". I don't know what this option does to anyone's phone.
All I can tell you is that it is how I am currently running.

... Thom

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