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Spent a couple hours this afternoon doing recon work all along the consumer-mecca nearest me.

Wal-Mart: Knew what it was, thought they would have it tomorrow, but didn't have any in yet. Said the price would be either $150 or $200, whatever price the AT&T store had it for (er, right ...).

Radio Shack: 1 in stock, $200.

AT&T: Wouldn't divulge numbers on hand, $200.

Fry's (because I never pass up an excuse to go to Fry's): Won't have the phone for at least a couple of weeks, but it should be $50-$100 cheaper than everyone else then (although the prices on the phones they had out weren't that much cheaper than everyone else's).

Best Buy: Should have them tomorrow, but didn't have them in stock yet (gave me a card to call them and check tomorrow).
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